System Integration

We have a unique understanding of the complexity of systems integration. We focus on resolving the key issues facing our customers and offer a comprehensive service from initial concept to implementation, delivery and upgrade.

System Integration Services

Our experts have a wealth of knowledge and experience across an array of domains. We will work with you to successfully integrate and deliver systems by deploying their skills in architecture design, systems engineering and project management. Our objective is the completion of your project against clearly defined time, cost and performance specifications.

Architecture Design

A system often has a number of conflicting requirements. Our architects will examine all of the issues to ensure that the subsequent component and subsystem development will result in systems that work and meet the needs of the different stakeholders.

Development and Sustainment of Hybrid Systems

We offer a comprehensive turnkey solution development service. We can build a new system, sustain an existing capability or improve efficiency by introducing upgrades. Whatever the route, we will deliver a system that meets your requirements and is ready to be used.

Systems Integration Support Services

Systems integration often involves risks. We can help mitigate these with a range of support services. Our specialists will rigorously test the individual parts of a system, the system as a whole and, where possible, how it interacts with other systems ('systems of systems').

Through Life Systems Architect

Through life systems architect is a key process. Our expert consultants and engineers will work with you to define the objectives of a project and design a solution that minimizes through life costs.