About Synergy IT

We take the leading role in providing tailored and customized information technology services to Fortune 500 companies in the areas of Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP), Mobility Service Application Development, and Property Management Systems.

Our services and solutions were used satisfactorily by our clients since 2000 and our business footprints span throughout the Asian continent. Our partners have been working with us since our establishment and we have obtained uncountable endorsement of service excellence.

In 2013, we have entered into an agreement with Epicor Software Corporation as an Authorized Distributor for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications that carries the idea of “Business without Barriers”.

Epicor Software Corporation is an organization established in the USA and was founded in the year 1972. More than 27,000 customers in more than 150 countries rely on Epicor to meet strategic business challenges and sales empowerment. With solutions available in more than 30 languages, Epicor can reinvent any organization, whether business is conducted locally, regionally, or internationally.